Wood Stain Colors

Wood Defender stains are created to protect & seal wood from the outdoor elements. This deep penetrating oil-based formula absorbs well beyond the wood surface to prevent mold and mildew growth, shield from harmful UV rays, and increase water resistance.

Stain selection for your wood project should be based on the substrate and age of the wood. Transparent stains are beautiful on new, or fully restored wood. Semi-transparent stains work great on aged wood as well, as it has more color pigment to help hide any flaws your fence may have.

Note: Exact color may slightly vary based on the surface being applied

Transparent Stain Colors

Cedar Tone
Cedar Tone Transparent Stain is a beautiful stain color that we offer as a great staining option for your fence. You will love the results from this stain and your fence will look great.


Leatherwood transparent stain is a great color choice that will keep your fence looking great and well protected from the weather and outside elements. We love this color it is a great choice to match your style.


Oxford Brown
Oxford Brown transparent stain color is a great choice to make your fence stand out and look sophisticated. Staining your fence on a normal basis will help prolong the life of your fence and keep it looking spectacular.


Semi-Transparent Stain Colors

Coffee Brown
Coffee Brown Semi-Transparent stain color is a great choice to keep your fence looking amazing all year long. Proper care and maintenance of your fence will help to prolong the lifespan of your fence.


Sable Brown
Sable Brown Semi-Transparent stain color is popular in the area. Not only does it look great it will help to keep your fence maintained and last longer than an untreated fence. Contact us today for a free staining quote.


Sierra Semi-Transparent stain color always looks amazing on all outdoor wood structures. Our professional staining crew is ready to apply any stain color that matches your style and decor.


Choice of stain color is ultimately your choice, but we are ready to help you in choosing the best color for your project, as well as professional application!

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