Wood Stain Colors

Expert commercial-grade stains & sealers are created to safely preserve, protect & seal wood from the outdoor elements while enhancing the wood’s natural beauty. This deep penetrating oil-based formula absorbs well beyond the wood surface to prevent mold and mildew growth, shield from harmful UV rays, and increase water resistance. This helps prevent warping, twisting, and bowing of the wood.

We understand the risks high VOCs pose to people, pets, and the environment. So we use a product that doesn’t include all the harmful fillers and solvents others may have. Expert stain is designed to emit low VOCs (<250g/l) from the moment we open the lid. This means less gas-off and reduced pollutants, making your backyard a safer place.

Stain selection for your wood project should be based on the substrate and age of the wood.


  • TRANSPARENT stains are a great choice for new wood only. Due to the minimal amount of color pigments, it enhances the woodgrain and shows off the beautiful characteristics of the wood surface. 
  • SEMI-TRANSPARENT stains are great for new wood, or moderately aged wood. They have a little more color pigment to help make slightly older fences look beautiful again. 
  • SEMI-SOLID stains work fantastic on wood of all ages. Due to the very high amount of color pigments, these stains are your best bet on extremely aged wood. Don’t worry,  this is still a penetrating oil-based stain, and will not look like paint. 

Note: Exact shades may slightly vary based on the age, species, and condition of the wood being applied.

Transparent Stain Colors

Clear Glow

Clear Glow is a seal coat that contains no color pigments. If you’re looking for a natural “wet look” fence, this one’s for you!  It allows wood to gray naturally, as it doesn’t offer any UV protection. We recommend being on our maintenance program for this color, as it doesn’t last as long as other colors.


Honey Tone

Honey Tone is a rich yellow cedar tone color that highlights new wood structures naturally. This beautiful color is a perfect option for keeping your new fence looking great without dramatically changing the color.


Semi-Transparent Stain 


Pecan Semi-Transparent stain color is a great choice to keep your fence looking amazing all year long. Pecan is the most popular color in the North Dallas area. It’s a vibrant light to medium brown with a hint of red undertones. It shows off the natural beauty of the wood grain and is accepted by most all HOA’s.

Proper care and maintenance of your fence will help to prolong the lifespan of your fence.



Walnut Semi-Transparent stain color is popular in the area and is a great choice for homeowners who want a sophisticated look. It is a deep rich brown color and loves to highlight the natural beauty and characteristics of the wood surface.  Not only does it look great it will help to keep your fence maintained and last longer than an untreated fence. Contact us today for a free staining quote.


Semi-Solid Stain Colors


Auburn Semi-Solid stain color is a gorgeous dark ginger red color. If your home has red accents or brick, this may be the perfect color for your fence or pergola. Proper care and maintenance of your fence will help to prolong the lifespan of your fence. 



Black Semi-Solid stain is growing in popularity! If you’re looking for the blackest oil-based stain available, this is the one you wanna choose.  Proper care and maintenance of your fence will help to prolong the lifespan of your fence.



Chocolate Semi-Solid stain color is a dark chocolate brown color that often resembles a Hershey bar. This is the best color for extremely aged wood but looks great on newer wood as well. Proper care and maintenance of your fence will help to prolong the lifespan of your fence.



Sable Semi-Solid stain color is a medium to dark brown color that performs great on wood of all ages.  Not quite as dark as Chocolate, but this is a  welcoming color that sports a deep earthy hue. Proper care and maintenance of your fence will help to prolong the lifespan of your fence.


Choice of stain color is ultimately your choice, but we are ready to help you in choosing the best color for your project, as well as professional application!

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